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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Parent Letter Example for Bible Class Teachers: How to Write a Letter to Keep Parents Informed

With the new school year beginning, children in Bible classes will be moving up to their new classes this Fall! I teach 3rd/4th grade on Sunday mornings. I am losing all of my 4th graders to the 5th/6th grade class. I will miss them dearly, but I am so proud of the progress they have made while in my care, and I am equally as excited that I will be getting a new bunch of 3rd graders who are moving up from the 1st/2nd grade room!

With a new quarter and a new group, it is especially important to me that I introduce myself and my class to the parents-- most of them already know me as a person, but they are not familiar with me as a teacher. At the beginning of each quarter (the times when we are starting a new series of lessons), I always send home a parent letter to inform the parents what we will be learning and what I will expect of their children. However, when I get a new group in the Fall, I also send home a letter with a picture of myself and a short biography of who I am and why I am excited about teaching the 3rd/4th grade Bible class this year.

If you have never sent home parent letters for your Bible class, now is a great time to start since we are beginning fresh with a new school year and new group of kids!

What should a parent letter include?
  • An introduction to what you will be studying in this new unit/ quarter/ series of lessons
  • Any requirements for the children (will they have homework or be expected to memorize verses or bring their Bibles to class, etc?)
  • A map/ syllabus of the lessons that will be taught and the requirements for each lesson (dates with each lesson title. If memory verses are required for that lesson, put them next to the date and when the verse is required to be recited)
  • An explanation of your reward system for completing assigned homework or memory verses or whatever your requirements are (Example: they will get a star on their chart, etc)
  • Closing remarks encouraging parents to help their students complete the requirements throughout the semester
  • Contact information for any questions they might have
Here is an example of a parent letter that I wrote one quarter:


Dear 3rd and 4th grade parents:

I am very excited to have the opportunity to begin a new quarter with your children! I am so thankful for all of you and for allowing me to teach your children! This is my favorite age group and all of them are such a joy to have in my class.

It’s so important to me that you know what we are learning about in class, so you can help your child keep up with any homework and memory verses that are assigned.

This unit will cover some of the attitudes that Paul taught in his letters that we, as Christians, should learn to have. There will be two easy out-of-class assignments that your child will have the opportunity to complete each week in order to help remind them of the lessons we are learning about. Each week, your student will have a very short homework sheet and a memory verse. For each verse or homework sheet your child turns in, he or she will be able to add one banana to his or her banana tree in our classroom. I am giving you the schedule of our lessons here and the verse each student will be expected to know for that week. I hope you will help make sure your child brings back the homework sheets and memorizes the verses each week!

Schedule of Learning Paul’s “Bee” Attitudes:

·         February 5: Be Unselfish               Memorize Phil 2:4 for 2/12
·         February 12: Be Content                Memorize Phil 4:11 for 2/19
·         February 19: Be Courageous        Memorize Phil 4:13 for 3/4
·         March 4: Be Truthful                       Memorize Col 3:9 for 3/11
·         March 11: Be Obedient                   Memorize Col 3:20 for 3/18
·         March 18: Be Happy                        Memorize 1 Thes 5:16 for 3/25
·         March 25: Be Thankful                   Memorize 1 Thes 5:18 for 4/1
·         April 1: Be Prayerful                        Memorize 1 Thes 5:17 for 4/8
·         April 8: Be Loving                            Memorize 1 Thes 3:12 for 4/15
·         April 15: Be Pure                              Memorize 1 Tim 5:22 for 4/22
·         April 22: Be Studious                      Memorize 2 Tim 2:15 for 4/29
·         April 29: Be Respectful                   Memorize Titus 3:11 for 5/6
·         May 6: Be Forgiving                        Memorize Col 3:13 for 5/13

I hope you will put this schedule on the refrigerator with other school assignments and will help your child complete the very short homework sheet for each lesson and memorize these simple verses!

Thanks again! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Amber Gilreath
[phone number]
You can also message me on Facebook!

I hope this will help you as you begin the new school year! And don't forget to send home an extra letter with a short biography for those new students who are entering your class for the first time this year.

**TIP** I encourage you to hand these letters to each parent personally if possible. You can say, "Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I am excited that Jane will be in my Bible class this year! Here is a letter to let you know what will be going on in our class." If you don't do this, there is always the possibility that Jane's parents will never receive the letter. 

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  1. thanks so much for sharing this! it was a great help as I am starting a new class this quarter. it is so refreshing to find Bible class resources from a member of the Church!