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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Church of Christ Preachers' Wives: New Way to Connect

If you are married to a man who has devoted himself to being a minister of the Gospel, you know how amazing friendships with other ministers' wives can be: they offer support, encouragement, ideas, and conversations that only you and another preacher's wife can truly understand.

As a young preacher's wife myself, I look to those women who have been married to preachers for years in order to find new ideas for bulletin boards, teaching supplies, event decorations and agendas, etc. I also have a select few that I can message at any time to lift me up if I am feeling discouraged or for advice on how to handle a certain situation. The advice that you get from another preacher's wife is advice from someone who has been there and done that and, unlike your mother or other members, can totally relate to every word that you are saying.

Carrie Voss who works closely with her husband John at the Pottsville church of Christ in Hickory, Kentucky, has realized the value of having close friendships among the wives of ministers. She wanted us to have an avenue of being able to get together or contact each other easily, even though physically we may be far apart and working with different local congregations. Therefore, she created a closed group on Facebook called "Church of Christ Ministers' Wives". As a part of this group, we are able to meet new wives, develop new lasting friendships, offer encouragement to one another, bounce ideas for our congregations, and just laugh-- my favorite thing-- just laugh over some of our trials that we may not have ever thought we could make it through. Since the group is closed, we are able to discuss ideas and situations privately without all of Facebook seeing in the newsfeed.

Last year, Carrie even began a retreat for preachers' wives as a result of being able to connect with everyone through Facebook. It was so successful that this will now be an annual retreat. Next year (2013), the retreat will be held April 26-28 with speaker Jeanny Gilpin, and the 2014 retreat is already booked for May 2-4 with speaker Cindy Colley.

Carrie also has a "Preacher's Wife Pal" program in which she can pair you with another preacher's wife on a more personal level with more detailed contact and personal information on one another. We may also be getting together at this year's Polishing the Pulpit in August in Sevierville, Tennessee.

If you are or you know a preachers' wife who could use the love, support, encouragement, and inspiration of other preachers' wives, please join this new Facebook group to get connected with all of us! Click here for the link to the group, and you will have to request to be added since it is a closed group.

If you are having any trouble joining the group, please feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at