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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ladies' Day Speakers

Alright, ladies! If you have gone up to Cindy Colley or Sheila Butt at PtP or some other event to ask them if they can do a Ladies' Day for you, you know they are booked for like the next 10 years!! So what do we do?? We just have to find someone else, right? Who do we get? There is not this huge arsenal of largely known women's speakers. So, in case you are struggling with trying to figure out who to call to do your next ladies' day, I just want to list a whole bunch of the lady speakers who came to Polishing the Pulpit and did an excellent job. These women would be great for Ladies' Days. 

You can either find them on Facebook or Google their congregation to contact them via their home congregation. I am not sure of this, but I bet you could even contact House to House, Heart to Heart to find out how to contact a lady if you cannot find her, since they are the ones who put on PtP. I was unable to hear everyone speak as many sessions overlap, and you have to choose which speaker you want to go to, but I will put stars next to my personal favorites that I have heard. If there isn't a star, it doesn't mean they are not good-- I just didn't get to hear everyone.


  • Mallory Baker: Dalraida church of Christ, Montgomery
  • Kelli Barker: Midway church of Christ, Trinity
  • *Cindy Colley: West Huntsville church of Christ, Huntsville
  • *Jana Lyons: Wetumpka church of Christ, Wetumpka
  • Celine Sparks: Mastin Road church of Christ, Huntsville
  • Teresa Taylor: Northport church of Christ, Northport
  • Melissa Webster: Jacksonville church of Christ, Jacksonville


  • Kathy Pollard: Bear Valley church of Christ, Denver, CO


  • Luverne Shepherd: Westside church of Christ, Pensacola
  • *Sameea Collins: Woodstock church of Christ, Woodstock ( 


  • Donna Faughn: Central church of Christ, Pedukah
  • Jeanneta May: North Lexington church of Christ, Lexington


  • Sami Nicholas: Foote Street church of Christ, Corinth
  • Bonnie Rushmore: Winoa


  • Shanna Anderson: Zion church of Christ, Gainesboro
  • *Evelyn Apple: East Tennessee School of Preaching
  • Renita Archey: East Side church of Christ, Cleveland
  • *Sheila Butt: Anderson Bend church of Christ, Hickman County
  • Janie Craun: White Bluff church of Christ, White Bluff
  • Leah Faughn: Lebanon Road church of Christ, Nashville
  • *Teresa Hampton: East Tennessee School of Preaching
  • Amy Judd: Overton County
  • Beverly Meadows: East Tennesse School of Preaching
  • *Jane Washington: Sevierville church of Christ, Sevierville, TN
  • Diane Winkler: Huntington church of Christ, Huntington


  • Rose Crayton: Frisco church of Christ, Frisco


  • *Jeanny Gilpin: West Side church of Christ, Salem, VA 

And finally, I would like to mention a team of two women who do an awesome teacher's workshop together if you would consider having one of these as or instead of your Ladies' Day:

  • *April Meacham: Batesville, MS
  • *Teah McWhorter: Pell City, AL

If you have any other ladies you know of that are great for Ladies' Days, please let us know who and where they are by leaving a comment!


  1. I would recommend Cynthia Guy from Myrtle Beach, SC!
    Great blog by the way. Keep up the good work.

  2. If your congregation is looking for a speaker for a ladies day event please visit me at and click on the Teresa Speaks icon. There is a one sheet available to download there as well. I am the author of several books including Mom:PhD and four Precious Moments books. My blog is visited by over 10,000 unique visitors each month. I have spoken at women's events for almost 20 years and I will gladly provide references.I live in southern Kentucky but I am willing to travel where you are. I have been a member of the Church of Christ since I was 12 and my family attends Pleasant Hill Church of Christ where my husband is a deacon. I would love to speak with you about your event! Contact me via my website or email. Blessings to you friends!

    Teresa Bell Kindred

  3. Great blog, Amber! Two of my personal favorite ladies' speakers are:
    1. Tami Roberts- Parker church of Christ- Parker, CO
    2. Jodie Duke- Mt. Juliet church of Christ- Mt. Juliet, CO

  4. Hey Amber! I am a fairly young (33 yrs.) ha! preacher's wife from MS and If you would like to add three more speakers to the MS list, I know of at least three:

    Theresa Hampton - Siwell Rd. church of Christ - Jackson, MS
    Virginia Hamblin - Lake Harbour Rd. church of Christ - Ridgeland, MS
    Bettye Choate - Winona church of Christ - Winona, MS

  5. Sorry! My mistake: Lake Harbour Drive (not Rd.) church of Christ

  6. Dotty Barco, Cary Church of Christ, Cary, NC is phenomenal.

  7. I would like to be included as a speaker. I live in Benton Arkansas, about 15 miles south of Little Rock and worship at Northside church of Christ. I am a Christian psychologist, author, and retired college teacher and family therapist.