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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ladies' Day Themes

A new year is beginning and, for some, it's time to start thinking about Ladies' Day! In case you are looking for a good theme for your Ladies' Day, here is a list of ideas. Feel free to post ideas that I don't list as well :)

Ladies' Day Themes (decoration theme in parentheses):

Life is like a box of chocolates... (chocolates!)
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (lemons)
The woman's armor (armor)
Seeking Spiritual Beauty (cosmetics)
Keeping it Sweet and Simple (Cupcakes)
A Light Guiding Me (Lighthouses or candles)
Who is Your Anchor (Nautical)
Jesus, the Master Teacher (School house)
This is War (army)
Showers of Blessings (rainy day, umbrellas)
Fill Your Bucket (Flowers in buckets)
Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy soul (fitness)
Remove the rocks and the brook stops singing (nature)
I said, I do (be creative!)
Seasons of Thanksgiving (fall)
Balancing Your Act (circus, trapeze)
From Trash to Treasure (trash and treasure)
Finding the time... (clocks)
How Does My Garden Grow? (garden)
Sister to Sister
Fashioned by the Master (clothing and fashion)
Women at Work (construction)
Reflections (mirrors)
Just How Much Can We Bear? (bears)
A Day at the Spiritual Spa (spa)
What's in Your Bag? (purses)
Believe, Belong, Be Changed
Beautifully and Wonderfully Made
The Potter and the Clay (clay pots)
Packing for the Trip [to our eternal destination] (luggage)
The Woman Behind the Mask (masquerade)

Some ladies have also begun doing something called Mugs-n-Muffins. Here you exchange mugs and muffins with one another instead of the other activities that go on at a ladies day, and the lesson is given in the same manner as a ladies' day.

For teen girls, I have seen Purity Days. These are just like ladies' days, except altered for teens.

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