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Monday, April 4, 2011

Church Event and Activity Options / Ideas

I wanted to share a list of events and activities that our congregation is involved with in case your congregation might be looking for something new that your members can participate in. The list of possibilities for ways for members to get involved is virtually endless. If your congregation does something that is not on this list, please share it in the comments section: I love new ideas!

Events / Activities:
Annual or Semi-annual Gospel Meeting
Annual area-wide Friday night singing
Area-wide youth devotional
Ladies' Day
Fellowship dinners
Fishers of Men (evangelism program)
Mother's Day Banquet
Father's Day Breakfast
Egg Hunt
Fall Festival
Holiday party (for children or adults)
Graduation banquet
Sweetheart banquet (for elderly members)
Vacation Bible School
Service Day (members do services for the older members)
Community Giveaway (collect items from all the members and advertise free items)
Door-knocking campaigns
Family Sunday (have a guest speaker, have a meal, and invite your family)
Teen Night Tuesdays (once a month devos and activities for teens)
Monday Night Devos (once a week devos for college students)
Nursing Home Singing (monthly singing at the nursing home)
Men's Bible class (meets on Tuesday mornings)
Ladies' class (meets on Tuesday mornings)

Organized Groups:
Sisters of Service (ladies group that provides services such as card writing, cooking for sick or discouraged, event planning, visiting shut-ins/widows/widowers/sick, meets monthly for devo, etc) 
Secret Sisters
Primetimers (members 50+ meet for devos and activities, such as holiday gathering)
Prison Ministry (send and receive letters and correspondence courses from inmates)
Cooking Teams (in the event of death, showers, etc)
Phone Tree
Ladies' Prayer Group (meets 20 min before service once per month)
Church Facebook Group (to send messages and invite members to events)

Events to bring a group to if you do not want to put on your own:
Creation Museum
Polishing the Pulpit Retreat
Navigate College Retreat
Marriage Retreat 
Summer Camp for youth (members of all ages can participate in various ways)
Diana Singing

Ideas for individual involvement: 
Teach a Bible class
Chaperone youth events
Invite one person to church per week
Provide transportation to church for someone who cannot drive
Help organize / maintain a resource room for teachers
Contribute items as needed for resource room, kitchen, etc
Help decorate classrooms periodically
Host church devotionals in your home
Pray daily for those on the prayer list
Set up Bible studies with non-Christians
Prepare newcomer packets for visitors from the community
Greet visitors and give them a visitor packet
Invite discourage members, widows, etc, to lunch or over for dinner
Take visitors to lunch on Sunday
Fix food and carry to sick, bereaved, etc
Fix food to contribute to fellowship meals
Start and organize a church event
Call or Visit sick / widows / shut-ins in their homes
Sit at hospital to relieve family of sick
Do yard work or other services for elderly
Offer to take someone to their doctor's visit or to run errands
Bring a child to VBS
Help make repairs or update church facility
Clean the church building
Update a bulletin board
Attend church functions
Participate in worship: lead singing, serve on the Lord's table, bake unleavened bread, etc
Subscribe to Christian literature, such as Think Magazine or House to House Heart to Heart

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